And Now…

And now…I’d like to present to you…Scooba!

Roomba recently met her cousin, Scooba.  My granddaughter insists one is a boy, and the other bot is a girl, so Scooba is a he according to my adorably, insistent princess. What is Scooba?  Well, if you do not know, it is a robotic machine that mops your floor and is very similar to Roomba in size and shape.  But, Scooba is blue, my favorite color.

Scooba has recently been adopted into our family from a very gracious friend who understands my passion for these wondrous machines.  Scooba did however have a bit of an attitude problem, but thus, I enthusiastically agreed to take him on.  His stubbornness was at first daunting, and I immediately understood why he got booted from his last household, but this girl, yeah me, would not be deterred.

These vacuum’s are fairly simple to understand.  There are no complicated parts or millions of easy to lose screws, this is where the motherly piece came in…he, Scooba, needed time and patience and nurturing.  I had to talk to him and get to know his nuances, to understand what it was he needed to make him feel valued and to be of value.  (If my husband were responsible for the care of these machines they would both be lobbed like large Frisbees off the front stoop and down the drive, to never be seen or heard from again.)

Thank goodness, time and you-tube was on my side.  

I got down to the nitty-gritty. We had to dig deep into his emotional life as a robot. After an hour of trouble shooting, and the fear of the grizzly bear princess about to wake from her momentary slumber, I knew my dedicated counseling session was soon to expire. Scooba, for the very life of him, decided to “check himself,” and left his ‘tude at the door. The boy began to run.  He spread out his cylinder wings and flew like the little robot he is. Scooba got over his performance anxiety.  He laid out his vinegar water trail and squeegeed it back up like a real professional.  

OMG, an adoptive mother’s pure joy.  

Enjoy this day and Send Sunshine, a smile is the simple gift of life’s true light.

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  1. boy that was kookie but terrific


    1. I would imagine that is my humor, sorry, but kookie is me! 🙂 Thank you for stopping by! Friday is the day I talk about my life with Roomba. Check out my older posts on Friday Funnies to get a better understanding of my new life without children and love of Roomba. Enjoy this day! Much <3!


  2. Sally says:

    “his emotional life of the robot”. Well for now he may be performing to standards, but beware, he may need therapy. Just give him a kick or so and he come back to the norm.

    Love the Scooba story. Keep it going. How will he respond to the leaking bathtub or the dishwasher that leaks? Can’t wait to hear.

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  3. dbp49 says:

    Well I’m extremely happy to hear that Scooba is happy, and healthy, and performing up to your expectations. An absolutely wonderful way to start the weekend. Myself, I love all things robotic, so your story is an absolute winner with me. Thank you for the entertainment, and even more importantly, thank you for all the loving care you have showered upon our little robotic friend. 🙂

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  4. katemartyn says:

    This is such a cute blog, very entertaining, certainly worth pressing that follow button for! thanks for liking my posts.

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    1. I am very excited to follow you! I cannot wait to read your story, your blog was expertly done and much to be admired! Thank you for your follow to Send Sunshine! 🙂 Much ❤ to you!

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