behold-beholden thy glory within thine self. As our focus, focused, the universe exhaled. Be well, righteous & free.
Send Sunshine #SendSunshine
Being kind is easier than you think.


if i were to look at my story, i fear i may close my eyes.

in the desire to embrace every moment,

i do nothing but slide behind.

i ache toward betterment,

for you, for me.

sorry is not an apology.






in your image, i have no want
& when he came no longer

i knew he’d found peace,

the destiny, space, he deserved, craved, 

even more than his need of me


be free, fear not, find happiness

and the joy to finally breathe

humanity is not for the weak


may we pray 4 voices lost, innocents, innocence, 4 those brave, stained, shamed…may we pray 4 the forgiven & weep thanks 4 those who forgave.


#SendSunshine…i’m not crazy, i’m just divine…#SunshineSent
imagine if we all joined hands? light breeds light

they will talk and words negative matter not

I Am 1st Your Friend …

#SendSunshine…I Am 1st Your Friend…#SunshineSent

More Loyal to you than you

that beautiful space between …

#SendSunshine…she is the morning, he is the night, we are THAT beautiful space between…#SunshineSent

for i know you know me as there is lightness and dark and understand, love rules the world, regardless…breath is sanity…BREATHE


#SendSunshine…my love, child, is true. i love you more than even you love you…#SunshineSent

mother to life and elder of the world

even if you fear to hear i will take your hand


#SendSunshine…love has no season…#SunshineSent

how can we understand if we remain blind

never forget to seek behind the charade


for it is there, in the deep dark, let her be, give her time to grieve