#SendSunshine...the void is immense, take care 2 not get lost...#SunshineSent


No One can come between a Mother and her Roomba … Its not Friday?

There is such an empty sadness that fills your home when children whose laughter and shouts of anger have left the hallowed halls. When as a parent you are lucky to receive a text message from your child who used to speak real words to you daily and smile at you like they meant it,... Continue Reading →

Roomba Please

Roomba Please, say it isn't so...You have got to be kidding me! A detailed conversation with my vacuum cleaner: Tell me there is no possible way that I accidentally pushed the red button on your dirt reservoir while picking you up off my beautiful dark carpet.  Tell me that your plastic sleek lined body did... Continue Reading →

Oh’ Roomba if only …

My sweet little Roomba are you lonely?  Do you need a household playmate?  A furry creature who will jump on top of you and ride you for hours?  Not happening... I have always had an aversion for indoor pets.  (Not that I don't like pets) Please understand I have severe allergies that will send me... Continue Reading →

Friday the 13th & Roomba!

I thought it was me at first.  I go into a room and suddenly Roomba would be at my feet like an annoying cat brushing against my ankles.  I then move into another area of the house and sure enough she would show up again, bouncing against my heels as if that were the only... Continue Reading →

Friday! Roomba! Fun!

Little black Magic box Spinning round the floor How you make my Life so Great While doing all My chores. When you whine I cannot hear so I beg You, Please speak up or Repeat  these words You speak to me until I tell you, stop! Send Sunshine and shine and shine and shine.  Much <3!  PS...Click photo... Continue Reading →

Let the Celebration Begin

Let the celebration begin with party hats and latex-free gloves on!  Today is the day for roller change out and filter re-newel.  Roomba is excited, as your car would be with an oil change.  Good times are coming.  I believe even my floors can't wait to feel her soft unhindered brushes tickle their hardwood faces.... Continue Reading →

Friday, Saturday, Sunday…to my shame I cannot distinguish a difference.

Friday, Saturday, Sunday...to my shame I cannot distinguish a difference, this wild vortex called life picks us up and drags you along.  This past week dealt with some revelations, a few hard truths, in which, I am willing to share. I am sure many of us have had this experience... The lore of the missing sock. The... Continue Reading →

Emergency… Call V.C.P.S

Emergency...call V.C.P.S in South Korea!!  My sister recently sent me an article from the Daily Dot in regards to a woman sleeping on the floor while a robotic vacuum cleaner tried to swallow her head one hair at a time.  She phoned the fire department, but failed to save the suffocating machine from her tresses. I personally... Continue Reading →

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