Validation, we are all looking for on some level.  To explain why this or that is.  To answer questions that arise because of our behavior’s or actions.  To ensure we are of, or above, what is, the supposed, norm.  If we have to ask for validation or be validated, is that not our answer?

Why can we not allow ourselves to be?  How we are in this moment.  Who taught us to be shamed of who we are?  If we are not hurting another by our choices, is it not adequate?  Let it be enough.  We should not have to justify our happiness or sadness, our religion or our weight.  We are good.  Stand down and accept what is, you.  And, you are, all we need.  No excuses necessary.

Find the freedom and peace you seek.  Send Sunshine, allow positive light to lead and fill your days. 

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  1. This is the message I needed to hear today! Let it be enough- perfect words. Thank you for this! 🙂

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    1. We truly are! Much ❤ to you! Sunshine and light!


  2. I agree – we shouldn’t have to justify who we are; we just are and that should be enough. Popping over from #WeekendBlogHop.

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