Friday! Roomba! Fun!

Little black Magic box

Spinning round the floor

How you make

my Life so Great

While doing

all My chores.

When you whine

I cannot hear

so I beg You,

Please speak up

or Repeat 

these words

You speak to me

until I tell you, stop!

Send Sunshine and shine and shine and shine.  Much <3!  PS…Click photo for fun!

Click photo for sound
Oh’ geez so many choices…so little time!

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  1. Maybe it would be a good birthday gift… but then, with all the pets around… I might have to empty it more often than I want to…

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    1. Oh’ you would love it! And look at all the colors! Bling, bling! 🙂 ps…#youdeserveit

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      1. Yeah! I might mention it to hubby a couple of time 😉

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      2. They have one specially designed for pets and its so simple to dump!


  2. Pottsy says:

    Definitely the blue one!

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    1. Right?! Great choice!


  3. oh2bhuman says:

    I don’t have one, but my sister got one and she absolutely loves it!!

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    1. They are so cool! You should borrow it!

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  4. Erica Herd says:

    We have the Roomba specially designed to pick up pet hair – a saving grace in our mostly feline household.

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