Let the Celebration Begin

Let the celebration begin with party hats and latex-free gloves on!  Today is the day for roller change out and filter re-newel.  Roomba is excited, as your car would be with an oil change.  Good times are coming.  I believe even my floors can’t wait to feel her soft unhindered brushes tickle their hardwood faces.

This little robot and her adoptive mother are doing a happy dance.

After quelling her obsession for socks, she has earned her new baubles and can wear them with pride as she diligently does her domestic chore list.  It would probably do the two of us good if I actually researched how often this change of the regulatory guards should occur.  

Oh well, I mean…I reminisce with a vacuum, probably shouldn’t push our luck.

At this moment, I can hear her footsteps happily gliding over the upstairs floors; a song on her lips, a breath of exhilaration she hums that her air filter harbors particles not.  The sun is shining through the windows and Miss Robotic is basking in the light while she does a series of endless twirls.

And then silence.  This is never a good thing.  I will return.

I got to the top of the stairs and needed to venture no further.  In the middle of the floor lies a bad habit I had hoped to not see, a smoking gun if you will.  Roomba is nowhere to be seen, but there is a single 2 x 3 inch hot pink Hello Kitty bootie abandoned and alone.  We all know that can mean only one thing…Roomba?!

I feel a twelve step program might be in order.  Send Sunshine, let there be hope for us all.  Together there is possibility in absolutely everything.

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  1. Sandi Engstrom says:


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    1. Awesome, thank you!


  2. Jeanette B says:

    Cute and funny. I also like the memes you have created in other posts. I found you on fillyourownglass share the love blog share and I am glad I did.


    1. I am glad you appreciate my awkward humor! Hah! Much <3!


  3. Adorable, lighthearted entry. Thank you!

    I am also allergic to latex, so I could totally celebrate.

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    1. I’m not the funniest girl so I thank you for appreciating my humor!


  4. sonniq says:

    LMAO!! How’s the poor thing doing?

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    1. She is struggling through her steps! 🙂

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