Emergency… Call V.C.P.S

Emergency…call V.C.P.S in South Korea!!  My sister recently sent me an article from the Daily Dot in regards to a woman sleeping on the floor while a robotic vacuum cleaner tried to swallow her head one hair at a time.  She phoned the fire department, but failed to save the suffocating machine from her tresses.

I personally would like to call the Vacuum Care Protective Services.

It is very apparent this particular owner of a robot vacuum, similar to my beloved Roomba, had no business having such a device under her supervision.  To think she was sleeping in the zone of a programmed robot, that she set up, is tragic at the least.  I can not rest, thinking of whatever other household horrors this poor machine had to endure.

Possibly the robot has never received maintenance.  Dust prohibiting proper air flow.  The electronic walls, no doubt, with bleeding batteries inside.  It’s mouth stuffed, asphyxiating on dirt and debris from improper removal.  The lithium power cell poorly charged and starving.  Every vacuum deserves a fighting chance.

Another dismal fact is the care-giver did not even know her vacuum, if this lady understood its intricate mechanisms she could have removed the roller herself.  Honestly, it pops out of it’s plastic body.  It would have then hung on her head like a beauty salon curler weighing less than a pound.  In which she could have extracted without the paramedics help.  It leaves you to wonder why this woman went to such extremes for attention at a little black discs expense.

This vacuum cleaner should be removed from her home and put up for adoption to a kind and loving household.  Someone who would protect, honor and respect this rechargeable creature.  A relocation program for unfit guardians of robot vacuum devices. 

And, before there is a widespread pandemic, outlawing homes from owning robotic cleaners, I would lastly like to point out that; the I Robot Roomba series would scream at you to get your ass off the floor, so it could continue the daily chores.  The machine would knock you upside your head, and its blaring, warning signals would yell at the blundering obstruction in the way.  A pathetically unqualified purchaser in this case.

Send Sunshine, save a Roomba or their friends.  🙂   Have a safe and blessed day!

P.S…(I am happy to say the woman did not sustain any serious injury.)

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  1. Erica Herd says:

    I concur. Learn what a roomba is and how to use it. I wouldn’t give mine up for anything! Have a great weekend!

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  2. Cat says:

    You made me crack a smile, thank you. I will adopt the hoover. I could think nothing better than sitting on my ass while a robot does the vacuuming, a chore that I do try to avoid until we are being chased around the home by animal hair that evolves into tumbleweed

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    1. I am glad you liked it. That is definitely my intention, a little laugh! ❤ and light!

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  3. lynn k scott says:

    That was really cute! I enjoy when inanimate objects become real. Those perspectives are always entertaining.

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    1. Thank you so much!


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