The Continuation …

The continuation … Friday is the day I discuss my relationship with my robotic vacuum cleaner, as in most cases we go through serious ups and downs.  Roomba came into my life with a specific purpose, to clean.  Floors to be exact, not to try and climb on top of bar stools or low lying objects that may be in her way.  And she does….try to climb.

It is often she works too hard at some things, like spinning a random circle in the middle of an open floor, only to then dart off and move too quickly over areas she should be paying closer attention to.  “Hey, Lady, try again.”  Thus my biggest dilemma.

My odd shaped carpet.

You can usually tell she has been there, one large swipe down the center and maybe another on the side.  An upturned corner is a good indication Roomba made an attempt.  This rug has never been cleaned, unassisted, 100 percent, and the coloring is dark, by our lady Roomba.  It needs her expertise.  The specific carpet lays low to the floor and is not thick, factors that should be right up her alley. 

And so, on to our second favorite game, an odd combination of basketball skills and soccer.  I have to guard the escape zone and give a gentle dribble kick to her bumper as Roomba tries to run away.  It can be exhausting, as I have to move fast with her 360 degree turns and 180 degree fakes.  This child is serious. 

My family does not understand why I would play this ridiculous game with her for some ten minutes instead of pulling out her monster brother, Dyson.  Principle, people, principle.  And the 15 minute game rule.

I indulge her need of human interaction in this one area specifically.  Well, I suppose that is not true since we talk almost daily.  But, “Hey, Roomba, this win is mine.”

May your days be bright and your life light, Send Sunshine.

I look forward to hearing from you!

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