To Be

To be a pillar of strength may be more than we are willing to extend.  Allowing ourselves to become too close to situations, that are just too unsettling.  Make the effort.  We stub our toe in the morning and that is the premise set for the day?  We should acknowledge there are many individuals who do not have a bed to do so.  Life is so much bigger than us, individually.  The stubbed toe should just be the reminder, to remember.

The majority of negative energy consumers have the capability to control their attitudes.  To choose a smile or a frown.  They have been given permission, somewhere along the line, and have learned the unacceptable has become accepted.  No longer an option.  Let us combat it with reverse phycology and show kindness at their projected nastiness, offer a pleasantry, whether it is recognized or not, knowing, we have done the right thing.

Mental illness is a reality and many types of other underlying diseases that are not necessarily noticeable to our discernible eye.  If we all would just give everybody the benefit of the doubt, through positive interactions, then we would make no mistakes; to those who are truly ill, and to those who should know better.  If the example is placed before the latter, then perhaps, someday, they too will make an effort To Be better.

Live for you, live for them, send sunshine and allow positive light to strengthen the fiber of our eternal being.  Be well, be love, shine bright.

I look forward to hearing from you!

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