may we pray 4 voices lost, innocents, innocence, 4 those brave, stained, shamed…may we pray 4 the forgiven & weep thanks 4 those who forgave.

destiny…i have seen

i have seen destiny and it looks gloriously like you-& when we weep who is it we weep for?

those who travel beyond?

or what we should have been?

could have been. should be.

i love you.


minuscule, are words.

I Am 1st Your Friend …

#SendSunshine…I Am 1st Your Friend…#SunshineSent

More Loyal to you than you

that beautiful space between …

#SendSunshine…she is the morning, he is the night, we are THAT beautiful space between…#SunshineSent

for i know you know me as there is lightness and dark and understand, love rules the world, regardless…breath is sanity…BREATHE


#SendSunshine…my love, child, is true. i love you more than even you love you…#SunshineSent

mother to life and elder of the world

even if you fear to hear i will take your hand


for it is there, in the deep dark, let her be, give her time to grieve

#upstart…be the change

#SendSunshine…we have one world, we have one chance; to be a united force of positive strength, to feed humanity the light of being humane…#SunshineSent

fight for light, fight for right, mighty is the who in you, you choose


Send Sunshine…

humanity, humanity, humanity, where ought have you gone?

saving the mind of one is a frugal cause when crying foul becomes a breath drawn in deceit, wander long, worry less, breathe free; lady-bug light too doth bleed

no things are little …. #youremypeople

there are moments in the dark of everything beautiful and right we must call upon the affirmations of light   I disappeared for awhile and though I wondered if life might miss me, those who may wonder where the sunflower girl went? I remembered my fight for light is not dependent on what I receive…