To Believe

#SendSunshine … may our tomorrow shine brighter than the Brightest day of time past … #SunshineSent

Brilliant Blessing

#SendSunshine … be bright bestow beloved blossoms of beauty & breathe … #SunshineSent

To Be

To be a pillar of strength may be more than we are willing to extend.  Allowing ourselves to become too close to situations, that are just too unsettling.  Make the effort.  We stub our toe in the morning and that is the premise set for the day?  We should acknowledge there are many individuals who…

It Doesn’t

It doesn’t matter, a favorite line, my favorite, and I am kidding myself.  Everything matters!  Of course it matters, we create smoke clouds to hide whatever pain or adversity a situation has brought and do our best to cover it up, because it is easy. Indifference.  A dismal excuse.  Stand up, stand out. It is important that…