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I need not a physical body to know you are near

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Why must I love you – I don’t even know you? – A Guest Post from Jessica Edouard

I was asked to do a guest post for this beautiful young woman! Please stop by her blog and show her our big blogger love! We honor each other when we send sunshine! Much <3!


This is a guest post from Jessica Edouard an extremely brilliant and talented writer who very generously accepted my invitation to do a guest post for my blog

If you would like to check out Jessica’s blog –click here–

I am writing this post for Blogafterblog 21, the beautiful young mind of Pavster…

Why must I love you – I don’t even know you?

There is a misconception with this word we know as love.  There is a form of love that is not just physical; it is an energy that unites us, that binds us together in the same journey of survival; it turns into an inner existence of strength and will, an entity of desire for a similar outcome – to be complete.

I can love you without knowing you.  I can feel your pain and laughter without being in your inner sanctity.  I can be a pillar of…

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Sunshine Is

Sunshine is an inner energy that is purely our own. A reflection of who we are, of who we can be; a positive strength encompassing this world offering to guide us forward, a grain of light to illuminate a possible dark place, a resilient source feeding us possibility and warmth. Within its power, we are given the chance to shape ourselves, to strengthen our walls of greatness, to embrace us if we should falter. It does not go away but waits like a patient friend.

A constant.

If for a moment may your heart be whole through laughter, smiles and radiant joys.  Send Sunshine, be love, feel love. There is peace in our presence.