It Doesn’t

It doesn’t matter, a favorite line, my favorite, and I am kidding myself.  Everything matters!  Of course it matters, we create smoke clouds to hide whatever pain or adversity a situation has brought and do our best to cover it up, because it is easy. Indifference.  A dismal excuse.  Stand up, stand out.

It is important that we are all active participants in our own life.  There is no room to complain about a situation when we have the power in us to make a difference.  Why accept something that is unacceptable?  The endeavors of positive change is only ours to make.  It can be easier than we realize and less self-damaging.  We are all worth the effort!  Choose.  

At first our smile may come forced, but before you realize it will change who you are.  Find light, it is bright and together we could heal a world that has hope.  Send Sunshine, be love, bring love and shine on and on and on.

I look forward to hearing from you!

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