April’s A – Z Challenge Pious Patience

There Is An Essence

There is an essence that comes with a positive presence. There is peace knowing we have done our best, listened with reason and acted accordingly. In order to change pessimistic perceptions we need to change how we see, not only ourselves, but the whole world around us.  We must rid ourselves of self-justifying excuses. To…

Sunshine Is

Sunshine is an inner energy that is purely our own. A reflection of who we are, of who we can be; a positive strength encompassing this world offering to guide us forward, a grain of light to illuminate a possible dark place, a resilient source feeding us possibility and warmth. Within its power, we are…

An Amazing

An amazing blogger friend of mine has recently posted a couple titles that are quite similar to a ditty I was writing, and so, I thought it appropriate to share… I am a crook…a thief…an intruder. I am a stalker of night…a voyeur of dreams. I feed off an energy you can’t see, but breathe….

A Place

A place of safety, a place of strength; there is a place inside that awaits our deliverance.  It is not one to dwell, feel pity or shame.  This place offers light graced to us every day.  It is the awakening of every morning, the dawning of a new year.  A place we forget to recognize often…

Bring, Hope, Send

We must find the light to guide us… To find the healing we quest. We need to recognize… The possibilities inside ourselves… In order, to accept the rest. There is no quick miracle… There is no instant cure… Only the belief and desire… For honesty… To provide promise in our world. Bring Peace, Offer Hope, Send Sunshine.