A Place

A place of safety, a place of strength; there is a place inside that awaits our deliverance.  It is not one to dwell, feel pity or shame.  This place offers light graced to us every day.  It is the awakening of every morning, the dawning of a new year.  A place we forget to recognize often hampered by fears.  Allow simple grace to touch us, the beauty of now.  The celebration of being, the wonder of it all. 

I pray for humanity to find a place that speaks of justice, morality and love.

What has been is over.  Give not up on you, believe in this moment, be strong and true.  The tomorrows are endless, this place is real, it lies within and cries out for the universe to heal.  Through thoughts and actions Send Sunshine, a positive breath of new beginings.

I look forward to hearing from you!

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