There Is An Essence

There is an essence that comes with a positive presence. There is peace knowing we have done our best, listened with reason and acted accordingly.

In order to change pessimistic perceptions we need to change how we see, not only ourselves, but the whole world around us.  We must rid ourselves of self-justifying excuses. To be our own person does not mean it doesn’t come with the responsibility of checking ourselves, our perspectives and reactions, of absolutely everything that is in our immediate control.  Attitudes are easy. These we can individually fix.  We need to open ourselves to the possibility of possibilities.

The little things can make a difference, so why do we refrain?  Why can our neighbor not be our friend?  There was a time when our word was all we were, when it meant something and we were held accountable.

Let light in, send sunshine, and be free of this ugly beast known as negativity.  Let go of a narcissistic ego.  You will be so much happier without either.


16 thoughts on “There Is An Essence

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  2. It was wonderful ! Many times we tend to form an opinion and close the doors of our mind. Anything opposing it gives birth to the devil called negativity. “Need to open up to the possibility of possibilities” explains such an amazing thought in a beautiful way. It was a treat to come across this. Thank you for sharing 🙂

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      1. Oh yes you will. I have been introduced to the blogging world just one week back and am totally addicted to it. 😀
        And than you so much for the follow. Would be an honor to be visited by you 🙂

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