Oh’ Roomba if only …

My sweet little Roomba are you lonely?  Do you need a household playmate?  A furry creature who will jump on top of you and ride you for hours?  Not happening…

I have always had an aversion for indoor pets.  (Not that I don’t like pets)

Please understand I have severe allergies that will send me into a reactionary event that is not pleasant, lay me out for days and one I wish to avoid at all costs.  And yet, somehow over the years I have acquired Pomeranian grandchildren who frequently visit and use my house with the same respect as well…we should not go there.  You can imagine the consequences of eating play dough and glitter.  If these human children of mine brought home cats, I am sorry, I would have to move out.

But then I saw these videos where the cats literally “Hop on Pop” and power Roomba on, just like my visiting toddler team.  It made me re-think…okay, that’s a lie.  I really just wanted to show you that I am not the only Roomba nut out there in this world.  🙂  Happy Friday Funnies and as always, send sunshine!

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  1. So funny! What is it about cats on the internet?

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    1. They are taking over the world… 🙂


  2. mnghostt says:

    ha ha. too funny. my cat Fat Boy would wanna know if it would bring him food as well.

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      1. mnghostt says:

        and he’d say “Take a left so I don’t have to walk as far to the cat box.” he’s kind of a lazy boy.


      2. OMG! Hilarious!


  3. Sally says:

    You could always use a stuff cat from Toys Are Us. Now the question is which cat would you like? There’s soft and fluffy kind like the Persian,Maine Coon, Balinese. Or the ones with big ears like the Devon Rex or Savannah. Then, again we have the one with a funny round tail called American Bobtail. Also there’s cat with fold ears, the Scottish Fold. Consider the ugly one, the Sphynx. However I don’t think Roomba will like that one because it has no hair. Lastly you just could go for the common variety of alley cat.

    So have fun on your shopping trip. Write us how Roomba is adjusting.


  4. Oh, my! Am I happy for you! Now Roomba will have a new companion.

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    1. Oh geez, I said almost made me re-think… 🙂

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  5. I love that you talk to your Roomba. 😀

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    1. Age and children 🙂

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    1. Much <3! Awesome!


  6. leigh says:

    Reblogged this on famstx and commented:
    Trouble our cat wants one of these – and doesn’t want to wait for next Friday! 🙂 Leigh


  7. roombafan says:

    Hahaha, guess I need to add this video to my funny roomba video roundup 😀

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