Thank You


There is a deep appreciation that I have not acknowledged, a personal moment that I will remember for the rest of my life. Where a person’s compassion was not afraid to speak in a moment when they could have remained silent. This gratitude I wish to extend to a stranger’s voice that reached me in my raw grief.

Sincerely, Deeply, Thank You.

Several years ago, I cried a daughter’s tears. I wept a deep anguish in the back of a bathroom stall. Hidden to the world, I refused to be seen, yet my silence could not be contained. In the acceptance of a sentence that was soon to occur, I bawled. Ugly, unforgiving sobs, cowering in the face of my future.

In the middle of my pain, not recognizing there was another person in the world, a voice drifted to me. A real individual whose face I would never see, reached out simply, beautiful and heartfelt. She told me, “I’m sorry.”

This stranger, not so strange to the voice of anguish showed me her strength. Shared her light with the breath of her words, unnecessary, yet she made a huge impact, and I still hear her voice to this day. Loving, caring, real.

Grief is a strange-bird. Rendering those watching, speechless, afraid of what to say or how to say it and in the end often say nothing. Why? Because it renders those in the wings, uncomfortable. I share this moment with you mostly because I have never felt touched by an unknown individual who knew not even my name. I was in another state and very much alone.

In those few words, her deep sentiment is still felt. The reality isΒ she could have left that same room and said nothing. I would not have even known she was there or existed, but she made a choice, a choice to speak out loud. To change a reality that I now live, but where her whisper is still felt.

Never be afraid to speak when there are kind things to be said. Send Sunshine.

Photo Credit to the beautiful Terri Webster-Schrandt

I dedicate this to Kristen, you are the strong face to many. “I’m sorry, and you are so loved.” Heaven is but a breath away, be well and know how very proud you have made her.

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  1. Deep soul-heart connection with this beautiful sharing … thank you. That single spark of love – it lights infinite fires.

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    1. Absolutely beautifully stated! πŸ’›

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      1. Thank you Jessica – I think we travel similar vibrations…

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  2. thia licona says:

    Jessica, once again, you touched the deepest part of my being. Thanks for your continuous visits to my blogs. πŸ™‚

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    1. πŸ’› to you Thia!

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  3. barnraised says:

    Oh my, this was so touching and beautiful. A reminder to me to make the choice to speak up in a moment of someone’s pain when it would be easy to walk away. We never know what small whisper or gesture will be felt, remembered…

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  4. artgigantic says:

    This is splendid!!

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  5. Beautiful truth! Ahhhh πŸ™‚

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  6. jennifermaki says:

    BeYOUtifull truth. Ahhhh… πŸ™‚ j

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  7. You are simply amazing! Love you, girlfriend!

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  8. dougstuber says:

    Ode to the Seedless Thompson Grape

    Oh Thompson you’ve done it you devilish man,
    Made concords repulsive, made eating so grand.
    The sensamilla of fruit I hold in my hand,
    My thought is to eat it, what a great plan.

    September reminds me to lay a few in,
    Ten pounds or so in a Rubbermaid bin.
    They might last a month (five weeks if I’m lucky)
    By November my tears could turn springwater mucky.

    Why cry, asks a friend, over some stupid fruit,
    (I’d punch out her eyelids if she weren’t so cute).
    Are you kidding I shout, have you no compassion?
    How dare you insult my fruit in this fashion!

    Next thing you know you’ll attack my banana,
    Or musical tastes from Cream to Santana.
    Back off little lady, this grape is near perfect,
    It’s better than Brando or Raspberry sherbet.

    Next year I think I’ll acquire a freezer
    And dump this dumb broad just after I squeeze her.
    Then I’ll enjoy grapes through the snow
    As old vineyards wither and icicles grow.


  9. maggiequinn says:

    Thank you for sharing. You brought back a distant memory. I was walking down our local Main Street one day and happened to see a young man sitting on a step of one of those apartment buildings above at store. I didn’t really know him and could think of no reason why I would stop and talk with him. Because he looked so despondent I wanted to say something but could find no words.
    Later that week I saw his picture in the local paper and read his obituary. It didn’t actually say suicide but that was what it was according to people who knew him.
    Nowadays, when I come across people on the street I at least try to meet their eyes and smile a greeting. If they ask for money I give what I can. You never know.

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    1. You are right, we all need to stop for a moment and listen, even if we say no words. This young man knows he is in your thoughts and this alone means much. Be well and much <3!


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