bolder than ever stand straight, chin raised, with me be brave





can you see me now

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he was a vibrant man; laughter and sunshine, brilliance and rain: he loved the finer things in life like cigarettes, alcohol, women and pain; but, when he held me in his arms i never doubted what he said: i just never understood…i would never hear him again

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Heaven’s Breath


your presence is felt in every surrounding sound, thank you for the gift of life

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& i wait


to say i miss you is a grave understatement



these places we roam

Can He hear Me?


yes, I hear you

In Memory of John Sheperd Thatcher

September 7, 1942-February 10, 2005



And I Thank You


May peace keep you, guide you and find you.

Thank You


There is a deep appreciation that I have not acknowledged, a personal moment that I will remember for the rest of my life. Where a person’s compassion was not afraid to speak in a moment when they could have remained silent. This gratitude I wish to extend to a stranger’s voice that reached me in my raw grief.

Sincerely, Deeply, Thank You.

Several years ago, I cried a daughter’s tears. I wept a deep anguish in the back of a bathroom stall. Hidden to the world, I refused to be seen, yet my silence could not be contained. In the acceptance of a sentence that was soon to occur, I bawled. Ugly, unforgiving sobs, cowering in the face of my future.

In the middle of my pain, not recognizing there was another person in the world, a voice drifted to me. A real individual whose face I would never see, reached out simply, beautiful and heartfelt. She told me, “I’m sorry.”

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