I Care


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  1. thesnarkyblonde says:

    always love your posts..:)

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    1. Keep coming back gorgeous! <3!


  2. Cry and Howl says:

    I come here for a breath of fresh air! Thank you Jessica!

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    1. You make me smile, always! Much ❤ and thank you!


  3. leigh54 says:

    After taking a deep breath, my first thought after “Stop, Breathe, Receive” is Share 🙂

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    1. Did you? Share and Re-Blog? 🙂

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      1. leigh54 says:

        Wow! Not only did you point out a competency gap (sharing = reblogging) – you helped me realize that sharing is missing from my personal mission statement! Getting that level of impact into A Paranormal Historical Romance will differentiate you from the pack 🙂

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      2. Keep my in your prayers! Check out http://jessicaedouard.com , thank you Leigh for your support!


  4. leigh54 says:

    Reblogged this on leigh54 and commented:
    This sunshine lights up my life 🙂 Leigh

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    1. And you me! 🙂


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