Oh’ Roomba

Oh’ Roomba, how you make my heart go thump. 

Last week, I ignored her cries for recognition in Friday Funnies, but as the stern task master, I made her do her dirty-little chores in the usual fashion without writing Roomba, dear, in a post.  The newest development in our relationship is that I no longer hide my vacuum fascination from my husband.  I have grown courage to voice my obsession, and am like, “Hey babe, have you seen Roomba?”  As though it is a perfectly normal question, and she is the family pet or absent child who has momentarily slipped out of the room.  In his mind he’s probably saying, crazy bat, but he casually replies, “No, babe.”  It is possible he does not hear me or chooses to ignore the fact his wife has figuratively, lost it

Such a sweet man.  Goodness, how I love him.

Is that not how life should be?  To accept one another as we are different?  To save personal judgments for a higher power?  In fact, we were never created to be faultless, or identical in any form, but compassionate, loving and do our best to follow a path led by enlightenment.  Is it obvious I grew up in the ‘seen but not heard’ generation, where you ‘speak when spoken to’ and ‘if you have nothing nice to say, you say nothing at all’?

It is so perplexing how this cannot be a standard for sharing breath on the same planet.  Make it our motto, our pledge to each other as individuals who were created equal, let us Send Sunshine, swallow negative tendencies and replace them with a positive, brighter riposte.  Let light in and love.  Every day is the right day to say something, nice.

I look forward to hearing from you!

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