Friday, Beautiful

Friday, beautiful, Friday.  It is time to dust off those nasty cobwebs.  It is time to make sure the battery is charged and rollers clean.  Roomba has been on vacation.  A vacation from me.  Her holiday was at first filled with silence.  The golden tune of nobody home.  Her time off quickly changed to a house full of sleeping bodies who kept their silent vigil until the afternoon and wakeful hours well into a time when this person was fast asleep.  Those slumbering souls should never be disturbed, especially by their mother and her foster droid. 

I mean seriously, you have all heard about ‘poking the bear,’ frightening.

At this point, when I hit the magic, green clean button, Roomba, I am sure wont budge.  She will punish me with her cold shoulder and silence.  There will be no joyous home-coming of a mother to her precious cleaning schedule.  She will just look at me with her vacant stare, shake her round body in disgust at all the dust that has formed under my couches, tables and floors.  The miles of hardwood will cry out to her and she will reply, “Warning, move Roomba to a new household.”  (Instead of location, she talks, true story.)

Well, Merry Christmas Roomba and meet our newest family member, Robosapien.  I have a feeling you will be moving at speeds never seen before trying to out-run this white, full bodied, dancing machine.  Life, has just gotten a little more entertaining.  Happy Holidays!

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