Every Friday

Every Friday is my day for Roomba funnies.  It is the day I discuss my imperfect relationship with my vacuum cleaner, but also the level of respect I have for this re-chargeable creature.  I sum her up as a child since my flesh & blood children have all flown the coop leaving me with my mutterings to such an odd device.  That, I clearly love!

This is my reminder to those who are new to my blog, and those of you who all momentarily forgot last week when I locked her in a room.

The good news since my past post is I have solved the irregular carpet dilemma.  She has a spot cleaning function that makes her spin in a circle that widens with each turn and then back again.  So in four easy moves that dark knight shines and Roomba can’t do anything about it.  The win is solely mine, although the exercise from Roomba pong, on my part, is much needed. 

We have had a quiet week, wait?  Roomba, quiet?  Yeah, not so much.  This child of mine has a nasty obsession with trying to force herself underneath my refrigerator.  You can imagine what that must sound like.  A tenacious individual who reminds me of the story, “The Diggiest Dog.”  Yes, again, Roomba specialist I realize her force-field wall would eliminate her burrowing habits.  I do, however, forget at times to do the pre-Roomba-checklist before I power her on.

The pre-Roomba-checklist?  What’s that?  Well you see you have to move certain obstacles that Miss Finicky may try to swallow, climb over, jump off of or dig under.  Now you understand how she has filled the shoes of my missing children, if not monitored closely they get into things. 

Please leave me your own Roomba stories, I would love to compare.  I am clearly a vacuum obsessed small appliance owner.  Enjoy this day and Send Sunshine.

I look forward to hearing from you!

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