I Really

I really didn’t believe it could happen.  In fact, I joked about the fact that she would make me look for her.  The game of hide and seek being so entertaining.  That her loud antics would go on for far too long, but before I realized it her hum had gone silent, and I had no idea where she was.  At first, lightheartedly, I looked for her in all the usual places, under the beds, sofas and tables, it was to no avail, she was lost.  She had not made it back to her charging station.  My mind could not wrap itself around the fact she was no-where, and I don’t live in a mansion.

I’m not sure how I will be able to explain it to anyone in my family.  Should I call them? Yeah, no.  The possibilities of never being left in charge of anything, especially a live child, were haunting.  What would I say or how could I explain the fact that I had indeed locked her in a room, because she had done such a poor job of cleaning.  She needed to think about her lack of effort and try again.  After, I felt time-out was over I re-opened the door.  Seriously, I am not a monster.  She sped off and then to???  The little pouter.

This small creature likes to taunt me with her lady voice that comes on and your too far away to even hear what she is saying?  Is there a re-play button?  (I wonder if you can change her tone to a different gender, like on the navigation systems?)  Anyway, after 15 minutes of searching the same places I decided to call off the effort.  I mean why waste valuable man hours.  I was bound to trip over her eventually.

A day later, I did, while making my morning java.  In the most random spot she could ever think to power down she did and claimed the win.  Send Sunshine.  Roomba, well done.

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  2. Wende says:

    Well done, well done. I will still let you in charge of my little people anytime. 🙂 However, now I want some entertainment like that. 🙂


  3. Justin says:

    It’s too bad it can’t be changed into a mans voice so when it gets stuck or lost it can say “I know where im going I don’t need to ask for directions.”

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  4. Sally says:

    You had me thinking a paragraph and a half that you lost your daughter. Then I suspected the missing person was the roomba. Good writing!

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  5. One among Many says:

    Enjoyed it very much, for me flowed nicely. 🙂
    Also thanks for the follow. 🙂

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