My Apologies

My apologies for not leaving a side note as to my disappearance for a few days, and while, I took my needed gear, my good intentions did not meet my goals.  Or perhaps, it was a whirlwind road trip with a three year old.  Serious, good times. 🙂

After experiencing a devastating loss in our family and not being able to get there in time, we decided to forge ahead and see a much needed prayer.  A beautiful new niece and her doting, gorgeous big brother.  I only wish there was a better way to share such joy to everyone who could use a hug in their life right now.  Their three smiles could light the world.

Perhaps my grand-daughter could offer you a giggle.

Favorite saying along the way, “Are we there yet?”  A Classic, I just wasn’t expecting it 20 minutes down the road. 

The thing a grandma learns while driving for 20 hours, “I watched ‘The Walking Dead’ with (one who shall remain nameless).”  No wonder why she is scared of everything now.  But this little one is honest, and I’ve got your name.

And then there are the three year old, I think I am sixteen demands, “I want to drive.  What’s your problem?  What is that smell?  Where is my coffee (juice)?  I didn’t win!  I need my water, my chips, my blanket…”  Thank goodness for my co-pilot who needed motion sickness pills for the non-stop turning backwards.

The beauty of everyday got a little bit better. 

Life is simply too short, let go of negativity that holds us back, enjoy the simple times.  We need to appreciate every moment of a given blessing.  Spread love, peace and happiness, Send Sunshine.

I look forward to hearing from you!

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