may we pray 4 voices lost, innocents, innocence, 4 those brave, stained, shamed…may we pray 4 the forgiven & weep thanks 4 those who forgave.

destiny…i have seen

i have seen destiny and it looks gloriously like you-& when we weep who is it we weep for?

those who travel beyond?

or what we should have been?

could have been. should be.

i love you.


minuscule, are words.


#SendSunshine…love is not to judge but forgive when we have forgotten who we are…#SunshineSent

Fiercely Faithful

#SendSunshine … find focused friendships, forged for fairness … #SunshineSent


we must grant forgiveness for those who do not understand what it is they have done

The Act

The act of forgiveness can seem to be an impossible undertaking.  It can also be a word bandied about, so often, the meaning is hopelessly lost. But first most, the allowance is made to absolve ourselves, to regain inner peace. This energy is solely our own. It is our core. In releasing suppressed pain we…

Who Is

Who is this Negative Nancy or Jerk-Off Joe?  Offensive, fictitious names that embody flesh and blood individuals, real life people who find strength by burdening others with their misery and off-handed, cruel humor.  These are people who need constant attention and quickly learned negative regard can be equally satisfying.  They risk fewer personal stakes and reap…

There Are

There are times when it is best to not respond, to swallow that snarky comment that seems to want to leap from our mouths.  Do we realize that blatant honesty is not a compliment?  In fact it is nothing short of putting ourselves down to regard our own self as such.  Are we really okay with being…

To Forgive

To forgive can be difficult, the words can seem impossible to say.  In releasing the power of suppressed pain we can free ourselves to move forward, opening the space to be filled with light. Speak out loud..I forgive you, or perhaps, I forgive myself. In the process of our forgiveness we can then open ourselves to…