Who Is

Who is this Negative Nancy or Jerk-Off Joe? 

Offensive, fictitious names that embody flesh and blood individuals, real life people who find strength by burdening others with their misery and off-handed, cruel humor.  These are people who need constant attention and quickly learned negative regard can be equally satisfying.  They risk fewer personal stakes and reap greater rewards at the disparaging expense of everyone else.  It fuels them, this dark force of negativity, surrounding them in a cloud of misguided safety in which they begin to flourish and, sadly, enjoy.

A truly dismal state and for whatever their reasons may be…

They should not be encouraged.  It is up to those of us who are offended and affected to counteract the response these people expect in return from their poor attitudes and condescending behaviors.  It would be for us to wave hello instead of responding with a returned middle finger.  Their power quickly removed by thwarting the intended negative with a positive.  The boomerang, an easy reversal.

For this day and for the next, take a moment to look into another’s eyes.  We cannot understand their upset, and without words, we could touch them momentarily with a smile of compassion when they have delivered only a frown. You can cuss me for no reason, but this belongs to me, send sunshine There can be light, forgiveness and healing, let us help those who linger in darkness cross over to the other side.  Happy does not have to be hard.

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  1. I knew a Joe who was a jerk-off and a Nancy who wasn’t the person everyone thought she was. I don’t know why some names are tagged with certain stigmas but, there is a shred of truth in fiction.

    I use to let those people bother me but, then I realized, if I let them bother me then I am giving up my control to them. For as many bad people out there, there are just as many good people. It may be harder to find them with all the negativity we’re faced with everyday but, there out there.

    Thanks for the post.

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  2. dbp49 says:

    I completely agree with you, and have even had the wonderful experience of returning a kind comment for a nasty one, and after a moment’s awkward silence, unexpectedly receiving a kind comment from the same person who only a moment before had absolutely nothing nice to say. It may not happen often, but even once, makes up for a lot of negativity. So I agree with you, and if you don’t mind me borrowing your tag for a second, I say, send sunshine.

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    1. Absolutely! Always Light! 🙂

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