There Are

There are times when it is best to not respond, to swallow that snarky comment that seems to want to leap from our mouths.  Do we realize that blatant honesty is not a compliment?  In fact it is nothing short of putting ourselves down to regard our own self as such.  Are we really okay with being vulgar in an hurtful manner?  To be offensive and obviously crass in our behavior and or responses?  And then wonder what is wrong with the world?  Yeah… 

All that energy could be extended positively.  We can fix this, if we try.  My three year old grand-daughter has even replied, “You need to check yourself.”

I am writing this in reference to a comment a hard working girlfriend of mine received.  Our jobs may not be glorious, but we are committed and kind.  A customer, a stranger unbeknownst, told her she needed to re-do her nails.  Now keep in mind we do not work in a spa-like environment where we can trade services on our thirty minute lunch break. 

It immediately made my friend, with a smile that could encompass the world, self-conscious and upset.  She is a beautiful girl, but more importantly a beautiful soul.

Now these are clean nails with polish that had become chipped due to the physicality of her daily endeavors at being an upstanding citizen, married without children that she personally would love to have but consciously cannot afford, maintaining a job that the government has forced corporations to only allow part-time employees to work a very minimum of hours while not offering health-care and also not relying on another person’s tax dollars to pay for her ‘said’ polish.  That comment was her thank you.

Shame, shame, shame on those who could be so un-necessarily cruel.  What is to be gained?  If chipped nail polish is so offensive to one who has no self-control at harnessing their own rudeness, try this…Head on over to the nearest salon and purchase a gift-certificate for a manicure.  You could put a smile on your face and return to the establishment with the tired and worn, but pretty and clean associate, who only made an attempt at brightening your day and say, “This is for you.  I would like to say thank you for your great service and endless efforts.”  That’s it, it could be that simple, if you chose to be that person and be a positive influence in someone’s day.

There is no pride gained from ugliness, but there can be selfless pride gained when we Send Sunshine.  It is an effortless change in our own perceptions. 

I look forward to hearing from you!

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