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About me is something that I have chosen to keep hidden. A desire to write that has plagued me for some twenty-eight years. A desire to make a difference in a world with so many faces. A desire to say I care and you matter.

I was a teenage mother and wife who took a part-time job and turned it into a career that lasted for over 30 years. My life as a mother, spouse, and now grandmother has made me complete. I have been writing historical romance novels throughout my lifetime and am ready to see them published, ( jessicaedouard.com ) but in the meantime, I still have the longing for change.

Society accountability.

It plagues me and through my blog, I hope to touch as many people as possible with a vision of positiveΒ energy and squelch our acceptance of negative influence.

We read it, eat it, we watch it, exude it, and worse, we accept it.

It really is not okay. How has this become acceptable to hold back the energy of human kindnesses and the well-being of humankind? If the world were a positive place would it not be a better space? When did saying hello to a passing stranger become work?

My solution in a simplistic form… Send Sunshine. I am Jessica Edouard.

If you happen to see an exclusive, original saying that speaks to you, request so …






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  1. Hey Sunshine! (J.E.) I always see your name, thanks for dropping by. You have a lovely page by the way. Clicking on some links here. πŸ™‚

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