into zion


she spoke of heaven on earth and IΒ fell

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  1. Stetson says:

    Wow, profound! Looking at world through the eyes of a sunflower. They seek the sunlight to grow!

    A therapist once said, “in the darkness people forget to reach over and turn on the light.”

    This reminds me of inching, grasping, reeeaching towards the sunlight in search of growth.

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    1. Always! Much <3! Welcome to Send Sunshine!

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      1. Stetson says:

        Certainly seems that wayΒ‘

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  2. If only Everyone Sees Good in Things and People, instead of finding faults.
    Wish I could become a Sunflower, flirt with the Sun and breeze and then die happily into the soil of the earth.

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    1. You already are my dear…much πŸ’›!

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