Beauty Does Not Bleed


an energy everlasting, an image beyond the lies our eyes would tell, a place where only goodness should be viewed, casting silence to those holding us back , bid our mind peace

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  1. Beautiful! And true…

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    1. Thank You, my dear friend! <3!


  2. Plectrumm says:


    You bring so much peace and beauty to those of us fortunate enough to know where to find you😍

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    1. I cannot thank you enough! Abuse me, share me, link me, I am your light! ( I say that in all the most positive of ways, lol!)

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  4. miraclewings says:

    I’m impressed! Keep writing


    1. I cannot stop! 😆 Thank you!

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      1. miraclewings says:

        & you must not!☺ lol!

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