Photo Credit Thanks to Terri Webster-Schrandt

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    God must be speaking to you and I at the same time. Your quote goes with my writing. Isn’t HE amazing with confirmations? Much Love, Emma

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    1. I find it so interesting when going through the reader, this happens so often amongst a great many of us! I believe you have hit the nail on the head! Always ❀ and P.S…I love your work!

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        It’s called “spirits in unison”. Joel Osteen and I would do the same thing on Facebook. In fact, I would write my quote and then in the feed I would see what He wrote and it never failed. It was written slightly different but on the same thing. Finally, I asked another Christian what that was and she said “spirits in unison”-God is speaking to you and Joel on the same thing and same time.

        God was also confirming my writings because I have written from the spirit and not looked up a biblical verse. Long story short, I spent years of darkness but GOD was with me educating me and teaching me through the spirit. Bless the Lord! That’s what God did with Joel’s Dad and Joel himself. No ministry study, etc. :O))

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      2. Absolutely beautiful!

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