This Funny Thing…

This funny thing called happiness:  An emotion that some times can be a mere illusion that wanders and eludes us.  A state of being factor that may not have an opportunity to lift us out of daily struggles.  A light dimmed by invading physical limitations or permanent weights.  What can we do?  These are two of my favorite quotes that resonate deeply within me…

“We tend to seek Happiness, when Happiness is a Choice.”

“Happiness is wanting What you have.”

Be the image of what you desire, make the decision to settle for nothing less and be clear to ask for what you need.  Light awaits us when we find our place of peace.  We can and we will be more for ourselves as we reach to support others.  Send Sunshine.  This moment ~ asks us ~not to waste.


10 thoughts on “This Funny Thing…

  1. There are two kinds of happiness. Relative and absolute. Relative happiness is being happy by being stimulated by something outside you. Something new, seeing and old friend, a holiday. This happiness never stays. It wears down. Absolute happiness comes from within you, no matter where you are. That doesn’t mean you have to walk around with a smile on your face all day. It comes from knowing who you are, striving to change something within yourself and making progress with your life. Absolute happiness is unshakeable, even through your problems, because you hold no doubt in your ability to change it.

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