The Magic

The magic count of ten.  When growing up do you remember, or still even use today, the counting method? When you would cry out in anguish for some given reason and your guardian would offer you the, ever so, wise wisdom of, “Count to ten!” Immediately your thoughts were, “Are you kidding me, I almost lost a toe!” As you writhed in pain on the floor.

But the reality was, ‘keep it together until I can get to you.’  We were being forced to breathe, focus and collect our upset.  Did you ever think advice, so silly, could be so true? Everything can change in those ten little seconds.  We can gain perspective while we utilize those few moments to regain control.  

Obviously, a simple monologue of 1..2..3.. won’t solve world peace or make us whole, but if we all practiced this little step before we react, it could have a positive outcome on our instantaneous, negative instincts. Your feelings are valid, it is just what we do with them, and how we do it, that matters.  Breathe deep, the peace and energy of light.  Breathe out the hurt and despair, count to ten.  Everything will be alright, send sunshine.


6 thoughts on “The Magic

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  1. You everything so well.

    Plus shame on me, Some how or other, those i follow I keep better track of. Seems some of my settings kept many out of the of the loop. And my bad about forgetting and not making sure. Glad I have it right to keep track. As I enjoy it all. 🙂


  2. I think you’re absolutely correct on this one. A simple little 10 count gives the brain all the time it needs to get the correct neurotransmitters transmitting if you will, it allows us time for rational thought to enter into the picture, and a whole host of other things. What it prevents is the silliness and irrational behaviour that comes about by our reaction to sudden shock or pain if we allow that behaviour before we take the time to truly assess things. So I agree with you 100%, count to 10. Thank you for your wonderful reminder.


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