The Hurt

The hurt is continual, waiting for change.  A difference to what already has been proven over a wasteland of time.  “Keep your chin up,” he told me.  “Everything will be alright.”  And now, he is gone, as I wade in the aftermath of what was left behind.  Why must another’s neglect to possibilities affect one after so many years?  Why do I cry for a father who once abandoned me, now dead, and for a step-father who chooses to ignore the love that waits to surround him?  I think, I just ache for something I once knew, that was stolen.

My love is an ocean in which I drown.

We must accept what is and release what will never be, and, so today, I let you go.  Your present is the only one left, that waits for you, under my Christmas tree.  A lonely, little package that reflects the girl I once was.  I will allow her freedom from the pain that was not hers to endure.  The responsibilities placed upon her as a child struggling to understand adult stupidity.  You are free from all I held on to.  My life is mine own and your sorrow is, unfortunately, one you helped to create. 

I pray some day, too, you can be released from the binds that keep you bound.  I send you sunshine, a vision for clarity and peace. 


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  1. Family relationships are the source of our happiest moments as well as our deepest hurts.
    Am sorry you had to face these hurts but am glad you have come out strong and positive through the experiences.
    Very touching post.

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    1. Thank You Rose, My friend and I had a conversation last week about the things we hold on to. I truly had believed I had moved past these troubles and couldn’t figure out what it possibly could be. I appreciate your comment and thank you for being a part of my now! ❤ & Sunshine 2 U and urs Always!


  2. lbeth1950 says:

    I’ve often wondered why some parents shut out loving children.

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    1. It’s beyond understanding 😔


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