There Is

There is little time granted in this lifetime.  There is much to do.  There is much to say.  Would it be too presumptuous to assume many of us seek the same things?  A good life, filled with good people.  The general principle of goodness.  It would almost seem impossible, but the reality is quite simple.  The concept starts with one.  To be accountable for our own endeavors. 

I speak of attitudes and action, the root of general acceptance of others.  Who are in truth reflections of ourselves.

We must assume responsibility for our part in how things play out.  What we put in to a given situation, large or small.  There is no blame or justification needed when control is utilized.  Yet as humans we slip, passing judgment, and, sometimes, making poor choices.  There is forgiveness where honesty and virtue lie at the base of our individual foundations.  To be true, to you, lends credence, allowing our light to touch another.

There is a place of literal giving, it is the heart and soul of what is, good.

To send sunshine is the gift of oneself, to offer a ray of hope and or blessing to our sisters and brothers of mankind.  Always love, Always light, Shine on.

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  1. amommasview says:

    Well said! Happy Holidays 🙂


    1. And to you and yours, always ❤ !

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