I Am

I am a vacuum girl.  It is true, I am that simple.  There is a Christmas morning type of excitement these small beasts continually bring me.  I need not a diamond, just an amazing vacuum.  It is a similar expense I suppose, unnecessary in many ways, yet totally rewarding when you look down and see your newest bauble of choice.  Such sweet satisfaction.

I used to have an obsession with Dyson in his many forms and British accent when carpet covered my floors.  Seriously, vacuum with a regular top brand and then let Dyson show you what that imposter missed.  You will convert.  It is an awesome and life changing experience. 

You truly do not know what you are missing until you break down and make the purchase ignoring the voice that Jimmy needs new shoes, or the electric bill was twice as much as normal.  I convinced myself I would cut down my trips through the Starbucks, who also owns half of my life savings.  A completely different obsession I assure you.

I am a typical, flawed American consumer who loves nothing more than a great vacuum cleaner.  And then came Roomba.  My little round robot. 

Send Sunshine, may your day be filled with simple joys. 

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  1. amommasview says:

    Ha! Love it! And I love my Dyson!

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  2. I LOVE the personal touch and, yes, I am pulled many different directions as a consumer. Wanna see my collection of face creams?

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  3. Sally says:

    For the old folks out there: I used to say the same thing about electrolux. Roomba can’t get into small corners or under the sofa. Oh well, now I get excited about the
    the Swiffer. I don’t have to bend down to get those nasty dustballs.

    Wait, life has to be more than dustballs. As I digress.


    1. I used sweet little furniture coasters to lift my couches and her little whiskers seem to get into the corner quite well. If I could get her to stop trying to go under my refrigerator, she’d be my favorite child. 🙂


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