Me and My Roomba

Me and my Roomba, yes she is a feisty creature with idiosyncrasies that have yet to be explained to me.  I obviously need to call my Roomba specialist, he knows who he is.  It is possible that if I read the manual that came with her it would clear up some of our ‘issues’.  In my empty-nest-dom, mid-life, new housewife career as a writer she has become my robotic kid.

My actual, flesh and blood children will never have to worry about me having too many cats or porcelain collectibles.  Just the odd relationship of their mother wondering if Roomba needs to be charged.  These days are now filled with, “Where the ‘beep’ did she go?”  Her brother Dyson has been sentenced to the closet.  A rather large beast, whom I adore, but has been replaced by his little sister. 

And she is loud and noisy and all the entertainment and frustration I need. 

Yes, this is random and I apologize, but in blogging class they suggested throwing out a theme day and so Friday will be my funnies.  The adventures of…”Me and My Roomba.”

Everyone needs a giggle once in awhile, I do not mind if it is at me.  Simple joys, simple pleasures, Send Sunshine, I pray for us all to be blessed and I am blessed by you.

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  1. Eagerly awaiting a post on Roomba 🙂 !!

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    1. Friday will be my official love of Roomba day. ❤ Have a great week!


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