When The

When the life of a beautiful innocent has been stolen.  Time stands still.  It is a shaking of our nation.  Unnecessary loss creates a desolate void that touches us personally.  It comes into our space of sacredness and shakes our foundation.

We scramble wondering what it was we could have done to make a difference and grapple with the, “What Ifs?”  There are some atrocities we will never be able to wrap our minds around, but I beg you do not hide. 

These travesties against human kind happen daily, everywhere.  How can we help?  Awareness?  We must listen and keep in mind, the words may be so ugly even they refuse to be heard.  Where there is loss there must be gain.  These precious lives deserve to be remembered.

We all matter and can make a difference, speak up, speak out.  Send Sunshine.  If there is a way to guide a struggling soul to light may our kindnesses spark a needed touch of humanity.  And to London, you are loved.


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