I see

I see possibility.  I see strength.  I see a need to call out the crimes of a forgetful mind to remember their angst has no need to be passed on to the innocent.  There is beauty in our every day through optimistic energy combined in a space we all share.  All of these todays and our tomorrows bring opportunities of small, personal triumphs that can spread into universal healing.  Our own inner light is larger than, perhaps, we will ever recognize.  But, I see hope.  I see you.

What we seek can be gained through the positive choices we make.  To send sunshine is to guide the wave of possibilities through personal change.  Be not afraid to smile.  Be not afraid to see. 

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  1. A Maine Mama says:

    Perfect timing…your sunshine is warm and welcoming, and becoming oh so contagious! There is strength in numbers, and like a sunflower, my face is turning more and more often towards the sunshine! Thank you my friend!

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  2. Sandi says:

    TRUE but difficult without self awareness.


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