Being First

Being first could be our inspiration in competitions, what about daily appreciations? Do we have to challenge ourselves to make it a reality?  I always find it odd that there are only a few people who actually are consistently the first to offer a greeting of hello, or the simple salutation of a good bye.  I have forced myself, personally, to wait and see if a passing individual would reach out before me, but usually break down in the crossing when nothing comes forth and greet them anyway.  

If it is part of the human make-up to be competitive, then why can we not use it as a form of positive movement, for change? It can be a very gratifying and fulfilling adventure to push ourselves in this one small direction that costs not a dime, but can change our daily attitudes and eventually the atmosphere in which we are surrounded.  

‘Just do it!’  Even if it is for the next minute, hour or day.  Even if it is just for a good time, you will be amazed by what you will discover in yourself and those around you. Send Sunshine, life’s free gift of uplifting energy meant to be shared.  

I look forward to hearing from you!

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