October Is The

October is the month for bullying awareness.  This is a horrible reality in society.  A behavior that has been endorsed and ignored.  We have to be prepared to listen, to act, to respond and not enable such atrocity amongst our children.  We are all responsible, it is time we quit hiding and pretending it does not exist, or that it is not my child. 

The victim or bully is all of our children.  We should treat it as such.

The gift we can give is to hear those who cry out and guide those who may be acting out.  The unspoken victims who victimize.  Awareness is in all of us, the choices we make are solely our own.  You teach accountability by being accountable.  If we could stand up for anything in this life should it not be for those who are truly innocent.  The difference you make in someone’s day could last a lifetime.  Send Sunshine.

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  1. An important topic that we should all be informed about


  2. betzcee says:

    Well said. Amen.


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