Inner Strength

Inner strength comes from inner healing, over years of time we have been fed negativity, and in kind, we have learned to feed ourselves with doubts and insecurities.  We have come to believe that much of these negative influences are true and, potentially, end up disliking who we are as individuals.  Before we even know it, we have nothing positive to say or give to those around us.

In societies influence we have learned to build emotional walls to shield ourselves from ourselves and from others.  If we could all knock that chip off our shoulders, scream out loud the burdens that for so long have been bottled deep inside, or what it is that keeps us angry. Release the negative energies, let them go, and by doing so, you will grant yourself freedom. 

You are perfect as you are, but we are personally accountable.  When we can acknowledge our own responsibility, we will gain enlightenment.  Through this movement, we become empowered.  It takes a smile, a wave of hello, or simply by making eye contact, we begin to pass the positive energy on. 

Everyday is a good day to send sunshine.

I look forward to hearing from you!

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