The Best and Worst advice

“Keep your chin up.”  It was a hollow expression.  I needed more from my dad.  They brought me, absolutely, no comfort.  Those same words today, I desperately crave from him.  I find myself picking up the phone just to hear his voice.  A boisterous sound that has now, sadly, gone silent in my head. 

My father passed away 9 years ago and today is his birthday.  In my quest to bring light into our lives by simple, achievable kindnesses, it also means for me to gain my voice.  To be seen and to be heard.  In his honor, I am finally speaking out loud. I assure you, he thanks you, as much as I do, for your love and support.

He was a good man.  He loved life to excess and hid demons like the rest of us.  He did not have to be perfect.  Nobody does.  He was a beautiful man.  John Shepard Thatcher may you rest in peace and find me in my dreams.  I love you.  He would ask us all to send sunshine.

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  1. sonniq says:

    My father passed away quite a long time ago. It is strange that I read this today. I was talking to an elderly neighbor this afternoon and she was missing her husband who passed away long ago and she still loves him so. I was telling her about the dreams I’ve had where my father came to see me. He walking across a field and we got to me he gave me a warm hug. I could feel and smell him. It was so real. He said, It’s been so long” He said then that he had to go and walked away. He turned around and said, “I have to leave for now, but I’ll be back”

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    1. This is beautiful and I am sad that I had not seen your post before today! Much ❤ and thank you for sharing this personal and touching moment.


      1. SonniQ says:

        Thank you for those kind words.

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  2. lbeth1950 says:

    My family and I just never quite fit. There was just always just some discomfort between us. I hope that unease has melted when I finally see him again.

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    1. Thank you, Beth! Family is a tough nut, and I agree with you, I have many members in the higher sphere that I never knew or ever met, and the absence of tangible emotion is disconcerting in the least. I believe our Family are those who choose to know us best. Much ❤ and Happy Holidays!

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  3. dougstuber says:

    Christmas love
    spreads joyfully to
    friends, new and old, as
    natural as mountain streams
    flow under

    ice and snow
    still moving, to join.
    comes from sharing a
    round table. Buddha

    Jesus, Confucius,
    Abraham, Gandhi
    and Luther invite a pope
    to break bread

    under one God
    that all pray to here
    in Gwangju,
    there in Amsterdam,
    and Davao, where the

    hunt for food
    and water reverts to old
    ways, not the
    usual Christmas,
    but children scramble

    for goodies
    like coconuts, fruit, rare meat
    while we feast
    on turkey, baked so
    well, spring rolls folded

    and rolled by
    hands so delicate you can’t
    what they’ve done. Merry
    Christmas everyone.


    1. SonniQ says:

      What a nice prose you have written. I’m am sorry to bring out one thing, thoughm. You mentioned the Buddha as being a member of the group that is sharing in harmony. That in itself is good, but the Buddha does not ever pray under one god because it is a faith that has no outside god


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