April’s A – Z Challenge

Creative Bloggers Award

I wish to extend my appreciation at being recognized for such a lovely award by two very gifted and amazing bloggers… Veronica @ Owl Wonder & Janie @ No Plain Janie The rules are as follows….. Nominate 15-20 blogs and notify all nominees via their social media/blogs Thank and post the link of the blog that nominated…

Let the Celebration Begin

Let the celebration begin with party hats and latex-free gloves on!  Today is the day for roller change out and filter re-newel.  Roomba is excited, as your car would be with an oil change.  Good times are coming.  I believe even my floors can’t wait to feel her soft unhindered brushes tickle their hardwood faces….

The Real Neat Blog Award

Author S B Mazing  Is an upcoming, very talented writer and has honored me with the Real Neat Blog Award, I thank you, truly!  And, I think you are indeed Real Neat, too!  Make sure you check out her book excerpts on Author S B Mazing‘s page! The Rules: Put the Award Logo in your post. Answer 7…

It Has

It has sadly come to my attention that ‘Me & My Roomba’ may be well played out.  Leave it to visiting children home for the Holidays to remind their parents, this parent, of how very ordinarily pathetic they may be.  Now, I have great kids, but really?  Throw an ol’ girl a bone here. You can’t…