#SendSunshine … the shine of your smile is my sun … #SunshineSent


#SendSunshine … deeper is my appreciation than a mere thank you could every convey … for words trill insignificant to the enormity of gratitude I bestow #SunshineSent


#Send Sunshine … resolve shall overcome any obstacle, every snag, catch or hurdle will wither beneath the enormity of will, to thrive … #SunshineSent

Theme? Theme? Theme?

It is almost April and do you know what time that is? You guessed it! The April A-Z Challenge! Today is theme reveal day! The prospect can be a very trying, frustrating moment when we come to realize that the time, April 1, is soon upon us and expectation looms imminent. A challenge we thought…

Blessings in 2015

With the closing of 2015, I would like to thank all of my faithful and dear followers and fellow bloggers. Your dedication, love and support is life altering. In our light, together we shine and may we make a difference to touch others on a daily basis. A smile is a blessing that needs no…


our actions reflect the thoughts we conjure – stay positive


magic winks in the twinkle of an eye

Finding You

never can Be what Never was – You are Good – Refocus