Theme? Theme? Theme?

It is almost April and do you know what time that is?


You guessed it! The April A-Z Challenge!

Today is theme reveal day! The prospect can be a very trying, frustrating moment when we come to realize that the time, April 1, is soon upon us and expectation looms imminent. A challenge we thought would be exciting and exhilarating could very well turn into another task needing to be completed in a timely and prudent fashion.



This is not, I repeat, not


This is a relaxed environment! Chill …

Cool heads, witty scribblers, easy going folk come together. Bloggers meet new bloggers, appreciating each others talents, truly, enjoying the event.


How much fun is that?


Too much, I assure you!

So check it out, it is not too late to enter. Meet new peeps, hang out with old friends, even if you do not participate come and join the fun!

Write On! ❤ Jessica

P.S…Oh’ wait did I forget??? What else would my theme be? Self empowerment, inspiration, daily bits of love, because the world needs every sprinkling of positive possible and how better than one letter at a time. Send Sunshine!


39 thoughts on “Theme? Theme? Theme?

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      1. Thanks! I looked and it does say you can do it story themed, so I actually might see, if I could do like stories starting with the letters. Though I’d have to figure out something to do with the Sundays when you’re not meant to write. But yeah, the idea is growing on me!

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  2. I am looking forward to following your challenge and I tackle it from here. I am sticking to my blog’s theme… my daughter Emily except there is a twist 🙂 She picked the 26 words and she wants to write with me. So far, she wrote something with the letter A. ah ah ah, not sure how many she will do!


  3. randommusings29

    Great theme, we all need a bit of extra positivity in our lives! And I agree about the laid back feel to the challenge. It’s about completing it because you want to, not because you have to 🙂

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  4. Great theme. I agree, the world does need a little sunshine! This is my first year participating in the challenge and I already have all my posts planned, I have up to “D” written, maybe I should work on that….(now I’m lost in thought as to how I can find more time to write and still visit all the blogs on the list…). Anyway, good luck and I look forward to coming back later in April to see your posts. Cassie from Mommy, RN

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  5. Sunshine! Sunshine! Sunshine! My dear & beloved Jessica?
    Every time I get one of your faithful likes? The sun shines one more ray on my day! Hey! That rhymes? Would that makes me a poet? High hopes. I am well aware of my poetical deficiencies but? The sound of words just flows to my own surprise! Hahaha! HalleluYah!
    What’s this Themes, themes, themes thing? I been busy with my own themes and re-organizing by entire blogging adventure. I have not been keeping up with you all. I have to read & find out what this is all about. Hey! that’s a voluntary rhyme as well, how swell! lol love u…:-)

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    1. Thank you, Thia! April has a challenge called A-Z and many bloggers participate. The link to the participants is highlighted in my posts. I hope this finds you well. Everyone loves a good rhyme! 😆


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