A Paranormal Historical Romance

“Defender of the Realms”



The time has come to talk about my novel…

In the warring lands of Europe, Rome has conquered most. Caledonia remains untouched due to the powers and strength of one man, a demi-god, known as, The Devlin.  He must take a bride to complete his dynasty during a mythical time when magic does exist, and nothing can vanquish true love’s light.

A peace treaty made through a betrothal of great houses, one of mortality and one of the supernatural.

The story is set in Antiquity before the Middle Ages and after Pompeii.  The setting is Scottish territory filled with mystical legends of the Picts. This, the era of Gaelic ambiguity.  Stone relics are all that is left to tell their stories.  Like the language, through time was compelled to adapt to changes that eventually led to its extinction and left behind mainly mystery.

I would introduce to you my hero, Devlin, who is a legend, warrior king, the son of a skin-shifter and cursed to exist between two worlds of god and mortal man.  Prophecy would lead him to his bride, my heroine Pheobe.  She, too, is the byproduct of a human and deity union.  A feisty rebellion raised by her father and brothers residing South of Hadrian’s Wall in Angles, or better known as Britannia, oblivious of the arrangement until the day he comes to claim her.

The joining of these two cultures creates what is,

“Defender of the Realms”

Innocence and purity, love, honor and lust will keep you spellbound.


Excerpts soon to come…



15 Comments Add yours

  1. married2arod says:

    How exciting for you! Are you querying?

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    1. I am a wreck with all of it, waiting for a critique to come back before I submit to other venues, ahh! Advice? 🙂


      1. married2arod says:

        Write something else while you wait lol. Beta readers are usually faster than agents, but it’s still hard. The nice thing about romance, if it doesn’t work out the agent route you can go directly to the publisher. Harlequin, Entangled, Carina, Avon…they all have their own imprints. Good luck!

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      2. Absolutley! I am 30,000 words into book two and am still editing book 1. I have received my beta readers back, making adjustments and then am also look for a quality editor, which seems difficult to find, dodging scams and being new to the scene. Your blog is fabulous, and I am so glad I found you! Best of luck to you and your endeavors, too!

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  2. lbeth1950 says:

    Fascinating plan.

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    1. I’m super excited about this, thank you!


  3. Good luck I’m also writing and currently waiting to hear back from an author critique advisory service before publishing. 🙂


    1. Best of luck to you!

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  4. nykeypad says:

    How exciting for you! I follow, and enjoy reading, your blog. Do keep us posted.

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    1. Thank you! Soon I hope, soon.

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  5. Hello Send Sunshine, looking forward to reading your novel. Exciting! Well done.!

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    1. Happy holidays Peter!


  6. You had me at “paranormal romance”!

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