Blogging it out…bullying, what are we really teaching our children?

Passing a blind-eye makes us equally guilty…#StopBullying & its #SnowBall effect…

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*Please note, since writing this the school is in the process of issuing a formal apology to the young man involved and the children are writing sorry notes. My first instinct was to decline, but this issue is one to be remembered and I believe their fresh approach immensely wise.*

Because of the seriousness of this article, I am posting it as my monthly addition to the Insecure Writers’ Group…

Dear Parents,

Your accounts and accolades of our youth on social media can only make them picture perfect. And what an unrealistic example or achievement is this in turn for our children to even fathom they have a chance of living up to. We teach these beautiful souls how to treat themselves and others. The excuse, excuse, of recounting children being children when misbehaving is a direct reflection of taking ZERO accountability in our role of educating them.

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  1. says:

    Excellent post. Sometime soon people are going to take a look at the golden rule again and wonder how it applies to them and their narcissistic and entitled children. Many will say it’s an old fashioned concept. Some will continue to ignore it and a few might consider it worth trying – since nothing else works. I pray that number grows and soon people of all ages will learn what empathy is. I hope it’s not too late.

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    1. Amen. Thank you.

      We are such a reflection of one another, we must reach out, speak up and boldly plunge into all things that make us uncomfortable. Blessings and love for humanity.

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  2. lynn k scott says:

    This is just one reason we homeschool. My daughter “fell” twice in the first grade, according to the school. Really, boys were pushing her. The school had a history of protecting bullies. We cover empathy, how to treat your friends and people in general. I most certainly stress accountability; definitely missing in today’s schools!

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    1. How has it come to this? Breaks my heart…there has to be a way to stop such cruelty among our youngsters. I am so happy she has your love and support. Many blessings to you and your family.


      1. lynn k scott says:

        It goes back to accountability. Can’t tell kids or their parents they are wrong. Bullies have “rights”. I just don’t tolerate it anymore. I call a bully a bully. They need to hear it when it’s applicable. While homeschooling is hard while working full time, I love how close it has brought us together.

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      2. An image I finished yesterday, says exactly that…”WHAT I DREAM IS NOT MADE OF MAGIC


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