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Sunshine Series

50 available-Edition 1

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  1. You are really awesome, spreading positivity in morning

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    1. And as always I thank you for ospreading such light! πŸ’›


  2. I used to sing that song with my Mom. But you are definitely my sunshine and I love your book, volume 2. I want to get volume 1 and all your books. Do you sell them in a collection?

    Keep sending your rays of love, joy and peace to the world!

    Your friend and fellow blogger, writer & artist. …

    Paulette Le Pore Motzko

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    1. Thank you so Paula! I haven’t thought about that…I have just released my #3 and am SO in love with it! You bring me much joy! Tomorrow is my announcement. πŸ’› Always to you and yours!

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      1. How much is your first book?

        Is it possible to get it autographed and do you have a place online that I could buy a signed copy? Your work us so beautiful and empowering. If I were a flower plant, you are my fertilizer, water, soil/soul and sunshine.

        Paulette Le Pore Motzko

        I bought your second book online on Amazon I would love to see the first book which of course is landmark.

        I’m trying to do my first book, and preparing my manuscript for a publisher. So I’m writing my proposal. I want to do it that way before I go do Indie publishing.

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      2. I need to put them in my Etsy shop. Not sure why they haven’t made them there and I’d be happy to get one to you. 😘

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      3. Awesome Jessica. How many books are in your Series so far?

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